Sup brow?

Guys, please. Don’t neglect your brows! Your eyebrows are what frame your face, and you have full control in changing their shape and therefore changing your look completely. A rounded, slightly bushier brow gives you that innocent girl-next-door look, while a sharp arch at the tail and some slight structure at the base has you looking sexy and fierce. 

But how does one fill in their brows? I get it, it’s not easy. When I first started filling my brows in, I ended up looking like Shin-Chan, you know that kid from the anime? It wasn’t cute. It took me a few years to master my eyebrows, but when they’re done well, it really does make a difference. Here are my five quick tips to make your eyebrows look fierce.

Don’t Forget to Trim 

Your brows can easily go from yay to nay if you forget to trim them every week or two. Just comb them upwards near the beginning and trim off the excess. Do the same with the tail so they don’t end up looking too messy.

Know Your Shape

If you’re used to getting your eyebrows threaded or waxed, you’re on the right path. If you’ve been tweezing all your life, try growing the hair out and get it professionally threaded. This will give you the guidelines for your perfect eyebrow shape.

One Shade Lighter/One Shade Darker

If you have black hair, keep your brows dark brown or a charcoal colour. Jet black brows tend to look unnatural. Blondes can generally go one shade darker and opt for an ash toned colour or a taupe. If you’re a redhead, go for an auburn or a medium brown. 

Pencil, powder or pomade?

Ah, the three P’s of eyebrows. With the emergence of brow gels and pomades, it’s made life just a bit more difficult. But it’s actually really easy to use all three! Know what look you’re going for. For a soft look, try using short, soft strokes with a waxy pencil, focusing more towards the tail end of your brows so they’re not too heavy in the middle. Draw a thin line towards the bottom and don’t forget to keep brushing and blending with your spoolie. 

Powders are nicer if you have lighter brows, as they look very natural and soft. Use an angled brush, or a thin precision brush. 

Pomades and gels are all the rage these days. They are pretty much gel eyeliners for your eyebrows, and generally come in a variety of shades. Some popular brands are NYX, Make Up For Ever and Anastasia Beverly Hills. Use an angled brush and use this similarly to powder, but you have more control with the application as it’s gel based therefore the lines are bolder.

Sisters, Not Twins

Your face is NOT symmetrical, so obviously your eyebrows aren’t either, and that’s okay! Don’t stress out too much if they end up looking slightly different because that’s normal. As long as they match, you’re good to go. 

Wanna see something funny?

This is what my eyebrows looked like in 2012. Call me Alex Vauze.


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