7 Makeup shopping sites you need to know (especially if you live in India)

If you’re like me, you spend hours on the internet window shopping (or e-shopping?) through thousands of makeup and clothing sites, and you’ve probably spend hundreds of thousands of rupees/dollars/pounds/euros in your head, and then you’re like, damn it. I’m broke. After months of extensive research, (yes this really is a thing) I bring to you my list of top sites to buy makeup from online which won’t have you paying double for shipping. It hurts, I know. Shipping rates to India from international websites are usually painful to even look at, because your cart total is probably less than the shipping fee itself, which is why I’ve compiled this list to make life a bit easier.

This website is drugstore heaven. They have so so so many brands under them such as ELF, Milani, Jordana, NYX, LA Girl and so on. They always seem to have deals and discounts as well, which makes life a bit easier. Shipping rates are great, they’re weight based but make sure you use the USPS option while shipping because it’s the cheapest. You can add additional tracking for a dollar extra. Not bad at all.

This UK based website has lots of high-end as well as drugstore brands to choose from. A lot of brands that aren’t available in India especially, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, ARTDECO, Cargo, CoverFX to name a few. The best part? Free shipping worldwide on any order that surpasses £10. With that kind of deal, I’m pretty certain I’m stocking up.

Sleek does really good makeup, and quite inexpensive too. They’re best known for their eyeshadow palettes and their blushes, a lot of which are dupes for the NARS blushes. God knows I can’t afford those just yet. The shipping is really inexpensive too! It’s weight based again, I believe, but you won’t have to sell your soul for it. It’s totally doable.

This brand is fairly new. Correct me if I’m wrong but they recently celebrated their first birthday. They’ve really impressed me because of all the dupes they do of high end products, and their stuff is REALLY cheap! Some product dupes they have are of the TooFaced Sweetheart blushes, The Naked 1,2 and 3 palettes and the Lorac Pro Palettes. The pigmentation and quality is fantastic and at drugstore prices. Count me in. Shipping method is similar to Sleek’s, it’s weight based but it’s very affordable.

FeelUnique, similar to BeautyBay, is a UK based online shopping site carrying hundreds of makeup and skincare brands such as BareMinerals, Stila, Elizabeth Arden and theBalm for example. Lots of offers, lots of goodies, and same concept – Free worldwide shipping over £10! How can those words not make someone happy?

Now I know ASOS is a clothing website, but they do carry a good amount of makeup products, especially affordable ones. Rimmel, Bourjois, NARS, Model Co to name a few. They almost always have a sale going on somewhere on their site, so keep your eye out. Then there are those three magical words – Free. Worldwide. Shipping. YES!

Here’s another website offering free worldwide shipping, but this one’s more so for perfume and skincare. Their makeup selection is not large, but they recently have a whole new section of Japanese and Korean makeup. If you’re not aware, Koreans and Japanese have some of the best formulations when it comes to makeup products. Make sure to check this one out and grab a BB cream or two. Nobody makes those like the Koreans.

That’s all I have for you at the moment. If there are more that I find which are worth the list, I’ll be sure to add them on here. Even if you don’t live in India, these sites would still apply to you because of the amazing brands and shipping options they offer! okbye.


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