Review : Miss Claire Longlasting Matte Lipsticks (17 Beige & 20 Antique Rose)

My first product review!

I know the matte lip trend has been around for a couple of years now. Especially here in Bombay, most of the girls I see like wearing bright matte lipsticks and everyone suddenly hates lip gloss. Makes sense, because sometimes it accentuates the pigmentation around your mouth which a lot of Indian girls naturally have. With all the new matte lip products in the market, it’s tough to know which one to buy and which one is really worth the money.

I’m here to review the Miss Claire Longlasting Matte lipsticks.


Miss Claire is a brand that’s not very heard of, and from what I know, it’s a Chinese cosmetics brand that does dupes and knock-offs of other well known makeup brands. They have a 1:1 copy of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams as well, which I will be reviewing in another post, but they also do their own stuff and I must say the quality is outstanding for the money you’re paying.


I have two shades – 17 BEIGE and 20 ANTIQUE ROSE.

Beige is basically what the name suggests, a peachy beige. It’s a very nice not-so-light nude which would work great on a lot of Indian skintones, as well as others.

Antique Rose is a muted browny pink, darker than Beige, making it midtoned. This one’s my favourite! It’s so wearable and perfect for everyday if you have medium to tan skin.

The packaging is nice and sleek. The tube is long and slim, with the colour of the tube matching the shade. It’s made of sturdy acrylic from what I can tell, and the lipstick inside is 2.5g.


As for their texture, these are the best matte lipsticks I’ve tried, hands down, and I’ve tried a few. They’re extremely creamy and go on like butter, but they don’t have a slip to them. The best part about them is that they set within a minute to a budge-proof finish.


Left to Right: Beige, Antique Rose

The ingredients are not mentioned anywhere, but what I found very interesting is that they’re made in Germany and manufactured by Schwan STABILO Cosmetics GmbH. A lot of high end makeup is manufactured by this company and it’s really good quality.


The only negative thing I have to say about these is that they start to flake off a little after 4 to 5 hours. I’m not sure that’s even a negative because they last that long. I can eat and drink with these on and they still don’t budge. That’s pretty impressive for a lipstick that cost under Rs. 200.

This is what they look like on my lips (This is freshly after application. They dry to a very matte finish and they look slightly darker than this in person):

17 Beige in natural light.
20 Antique Rose in natural light.

These lipsticks cost INR 180, which is a STEAL! I get mine from Alfa, which you’d know if you’re from this city, but for those who don’t, it’s a kind of chain of shops where you get everything from electronics to international food items. They’re also available at other small beauty stores and New Beauty Centre in Khar if you’re lucky.

Leave me a comment telling me what you thought about this post, and what other kinds of reviews you’d like to see from me. Tell me what you think about these. I love them, I really do. I’m on my second tube of Antique Rose, and it’s almost out. You can tell I show them a lot of love.



9 thoughts on “Review : Miss Claire Longlasting Matte Lipsticks (17 Beige & 20 Antique Rose)

  1. You get a variety of Miss Claire products at Beauty and More which is bang opposite beauty centre in Khar. Since its cheap i never bought it ( screwed psychology i know) but i am going to buy these this sunday. Best part about beauty and more is its empty on a sunday and i get time only on sundays + they have a lot of body mists blaa blaa.. Good work Adhuuu :* meet soon !


  2. Love this lipstick! I brought mine from alfa too! The shade that I have is called French Peach- No.33, it’s a bright peachy pink color suits medium to fair tones! The texture a a great matte last long for about 4-5 hrs. For a price that cheap n great quality, it’s a steal!!
    shall try other shades too!


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