Review&Swatches : Coastal Scents Sleek Silhouette Palette

I’m on a roll lately with these reviews, huh? To be honest, I enjoy it. Here’s another one of the Coastal Scents Sleek Silhouette Palette.


What it is, is a 9 shade blush, highlight and contour/bronzing palette. I got this off the Coastal Scents website during the Cyber Monday sale for an insanely cheap price which I can’t remember anymore, but if you were to buy it right now, it retails for $14.95 (Approx INR 930) which is a bargain for what you’re getting!


Let me start off by saying that this palette is amazing. I love it. I have nothing negative to say about it. Okay, just one thing, I wish they had one extra contour shade for very dark skin, rather than two similar highlighters. Besides that, it’s a great value for your money, the pigmentation is amazing and the best part is that the colours are very diverse. You have something for fair skin, medium skin as well as tanned skin.



The first colour is a matte deep purplish fuchsia. It’s extremely pigmented and not chalky. It blends really well. I use this as eyeshadow as well. In fact, it’s so pigmented that you need to literally dab your brush in this, tap some off the brush and THEN apply. Even then, it might be too much. This one is beautiful on deeper skintones.

The second colour is a bright matte Barbie pink. It’s also very pigmented and blends really well. This one is great on fair to medium skin, but darker skintones could pull this off as well.

The third colour is a light peachy pink with subtle shimmer. It’s a bit too pale for me (I’m medium tan) but I mix and match this with the middle colour and it looks great. This one is the most blendable of the lot, without being powdery. It would work well on fair skin.



The first one is a shimmery beige highlighter. Pigmentation is excellent and it highlights without accentuating the pores too much. My complaint with this is that I wish it had a bit of gold to it, because it washes me out and can look a bit grey if you have tanned skin. Works really well on fair to medium skin though.

Second shade is a light cool toned beige with very subtle shimmer. I like this a lot because you can use this very lightly to set your under-eye concealer because it gives that brightening effect, since the shimmer isn’t very noticeable. Again, this works best on light skin because of how light it is and also because it’s cool toned. Again, wish this had a bit of yellow to it.

Third shade is a matte pale beige. This is good for setting your concealer and highlight, all over the face. Too light for me, but if I use it sparingly, it works.


Bronzers/Contour Shades:

The first one is a cool toned matte brown/taupe. Absolutely perfect for contouring. It’s highly pigmented, very blendable and suits my skintone perfectly.

The second shade is a warm toned medium brown with subtle shimmer. It’s great for warming up the face around the outside, for that beachy tanned look. Works well as a transition eyeshadow colour too.

Third shade is a shimmery bronze. Anything that has shimmer cannot be used for contouring, unless you wanna look like a disco ball. If you want that sunkissed goddess glow, this is the colour you should be reaching for.


Overall, this is a great product and my first from Coastal Scents. Click HERE for their website. They ship internationally! I’d totally recommend this palette to anyone who wants to experiment with their blushes, highlighters and bronzers. It’s not the ideal contour/highlight palette, though it’s versatility is what makes it so great.

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