How I do my Brows

If I haven’t mentioned this enough already, I take my eyebrows really seriously. I’ve had a lot of friends ask me how I fill them in. So here’s a frame by frame tutorial.

The product I’ve been using on a daily basis is the NYX Eyebrow Cake powder duo in the shades Dark Brown/Brown. It comes with two eyebrow powders, a wax to set your brows down in place, a brush and a spoolie brush to comb through the hairs. I think powders are great for daily use because they don’t look too harsh and they blend out well.

1. I use a toner to get rid of any excess oils. This will ensure that the powder goes across the hairs smoothly and lasts longer.


2. I brush the hair in the middle upwards thoroughly and the tail outwards with the spoolie.


3. I start with the bottom, evening out the line and adding powder where necessary. Start with a light hand at the center and build up colour towards the tail.


4. Then, I move onto the top and fill in the middle. My brow hairs are naturally really black and thick so I avoid using a black powder because that’ll make them stand out too much. I focus on darkening the tail and leaving the center as natural as possible. I try evening them out as much as possible. I have really uneven eyebrows. Let’s call them half-siblings.


5. To set the hairs in place, I just take a bit of the brow wax on my finger and lightly smooth it through the hairs, to avoid any strays poking out.


6. Combing through with the spoolie once more to ensure that the powder is thoroughly blended and that’s it!


Finished look:


I hope this post was helpful. If you don’t have eyebrow powder, I’d suggest a cool toned brown which is close to your natural hair colour. Try going a shade lighter or darker, based on the look you’re going for. For my other post about eyebrows, click HERE.

If you have any comments or requests, please leave them in the comments section below, I’d love to know what you think.



2 thoughts on “How I do my Brows

    1. hey, thanks! you should check my post on makeup DIYs, I’ve actually mentioned how you can make your own! you should try ordering online, there are some great options in brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and a more affordable option is ELF or Rimmel.


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