Review&Swatches : BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundations

20150509_145814I know the struggle of finding a good everyday foundation that fits the budget, especially if you’re forever broke like I am. I still don’t think I’ve found my holy grail foundation yet, but I have one that comes quite close in terms of the price point and coverage it offers. So today I’m reviewing the BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation. I have it in four shades – Medium Olive, Golden Beige, Hazelnut and Deep Beige. 


Let’s talk about the packaging first. These come in a frosted glass bottle, which in my opinion is quite sleek. The best part? It has a pump! This is so helpful when it comes to dispensing just the right amount of product without making a mess and wastage. The bottle is surprisingly stur20150509_150410dy. Why do I know this? Because I’m an extremely clumsy person and naturally I’ve dropped the bottle more than once.

The best part about this foundation in my opinion is the shade selection. Now, if you live in India you KNOW just how difficult it is to find a foundation shade that matches you. Especially when you don’t have thousands to shell out on a MAC foundation (which I think is most people’s safest choice). BH Cosmetics really did a great job with their colour selection and I think this foundation especially caters to women of colour, which in turn works great if you’re Indian because of the broad spectrum of skin tones Indian women have.


Talking about the four shades I have now –

Medium Olive is the shade that fits me best. It is what it says, it’s a medium olive with a neutral undertone. It can be slightly orange on me, but if I mix a small drop of golden beige into it, it fixes that problem.

Golden Beige is a medium deep beige with golden undertones. I like how the names are fuss free and say what they are. This really helps with colour selection.

Hazelnut is a deep cool toned brown. This is the kind of colour we need to see more in Indian makeup brands and in general.

Deep Beige is, again, just a deep beige with a reddish undertone. Even if this isn’t your shade, I think this would be great for mixing and colour correcting. A great shade for women of colour.

20150509_150248This foundation is NOT full coverage. I would say it’s medium coverage. However, it’s very buildable and sets to a demi-matte finish. Any translucent powder can take away the minimal shine. The consistency is thick, but not too thick and it feels very lightweight on the skin.

Another thing I was impressed by is the fact that this lasts extremely long. I have very oily skin and most base products don’t last on me for over a couple of hours. This totally does, which is why I love it.


The only problem I have with this foundation is the scent. It has a really fake floral scent and I seriously can’t stand it. It kind of lingers for a while after you’ve applied it, but it’s not too noticeable after a few minutes.

Overall, I think this foundation is GREAT and I’d highly recommend it. It retails for $3.95 (INR 250 approx.) which is a steal!

BH Cosmetics is an American brand, and is only available online so far at their website [click here for the website]. They have some really great affordable pro products and they ship worldwide.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Please leave your comments and suggestions and also, what’s your favourite budget foundation? I’d love to know!


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