Review&Swatches : MeNow (Aliexpress/Ebay) Liquid Lipsticks

I’m so excited to share these products with you guys because I really feel like more people need to know about these. With the recent liquid lipstick craze, brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Colored Raine, Dose of Colors, Jeffree Star and so many more have jumped onto the bandwagon with their own unique formulas. Let’s face it though, most of these are pretty damn expensive, and if you’re like me, you’re definitely not satisfied with just one shade because you’d probably wanna try plenty more.

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I’m a huge fan of Aliexpress, yes it can be iffy at times with the products and sellers but if you know your way around (yes, I’m gonna do a post in this) you’re bound to find some amazing products for a fraction of the price you’d pay normally.

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I found these liquid lipsticks on one of my many such Aliexpress hunts, and the price is going to blow you away. The product is advertised as a ‘long-lasting lip gloss’ but it’s definitely not a gloss. It’s a liquid to matte lipstick that goes on smooth like a gloss but dries down to a powder matte finish.

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The four shades I have are 04, 26, 30 and 33. I’m going to go over each one individually. Let’s start with the packaging. These come in a plastic/acrylic test-tube style packaging with a solid black lid. The applicator is a basic doe-foot applicator which makes it easy to apply the lipstick, especially on the curves of your lips.


The scent is not too distinct and quite pleasant. I don’t mind it at all and it wears away instantly.

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04 is a bright neon coral pink. This colour really reminds me of MAC Relentlessly Red. I feel like it has the slightest metallic finish, though it’s not too noticeable once it dries down. This is the least pigmented out of all the ones I have, I need two coats for it to be extremely vibrant but this is my favourite out of the lot!

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26 is a slightly muted salmon pink. This shows up quite bright on my lips on initial application because of my olive complexion but once it dries, it’s subtle enough for daily wear. Pigmentation is excellent, it goes on thick and opaque.

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30 is a cool toned nude brown. This is a really unique and currently trendy colour (think LimeCrime Cashmere or MAC Stone) with beige undertones. This could easily wash you out if you’re even a tad darker than my complexion because it has no pink or warmth for balance. Its risky but I love it. This is the most pigmented of the lot, it goes on really opaque and sets very well.

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33 is a beautiful deep red. Great for evenings and in general, if you’re into deeper shades. I had no problem with this one either, great pigmentation and sets well too.

HUGE tip before applying these (or any liquid lipsticks) is to make sure your lips are clean, exfoliated and free from any oil! If the finish bothers you, make sure you have lip-balm underneath. These can get pretty tacky when putting your lips together if you have residue (or sometimes without) so prep your lips accordingly. This is my only con about these.

They last really long too, I can wear them comfortably for atleast 5 hours without them wearing off. They tend to kind of flake off after a while.

Honestly, at $1.25-$2 a piece (yeah, not kidding!) I’m not complaining because these are a total steal and I’m definitely ordering more of these. If you’re just getting into liquid lipsticks and don’t wanna splurge.

If you wanna know where I got these from, click HERE.

Here’s me wearing #04 on my lips.

So yeah, there’s my review on these lipsticks and you should definitely check them out! They’re available on Aliexpress as well as Ebay and I’m 99.9% sure they’re made in China.

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