My Aliexpress Makeup Collection!

I like to believe that I’m an expert when it comes to Aliexpress. My friends would probably agree. When I first discovered the site, I was a bit shocked at the amount of branded makeup replicas that were available, for such a low price, and I was super sceptical. Now, nowhere am I promoting the use of fake makeup but I think if a product is a little too expensive for your pocket, and if a replica is tried and tested and safe to use, there’s no harm in using it.

The amount of stuff you find there is honestly overwhelming. I suggest you tread with caution.

The first things I ended up buying were the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, along with two M.A.C Studio Fix Powder foundations. Unfortunately, I finished both the powder foundations so I can only show you the eyeshadow palette.

20150924_141901-1 copy



These MeNow waterproof lipsticks were my next purchase. I’ve given a couple away, so these are the ones I have now. For a detailed review on these, read my blogpost here.


Now, I’ve been wanting the Real Techniques makeup brushes for a long time, and back when I ordered these, they weren’t available in India. They are now, but for a ridiculously high rate, so I got these from Aliexpress. I believe I paid under $10 for them, and it’s the real deal.


Here I have two M.A.C lipsticks in.. well, I don’t know the shades. This one’s supposed to be Heroine and this one reminds me of Crosswires, though it’s supposed to be Please Me. They stain the lips intensely but they’re really creamy and last long.



Now, unfortunately, I’d ordered a couple of other things such as the slanted eyebrow pencils which are very popular in Asian countries, but they never arrived. This happens sometimes, your parcel gets lost on the way because you don’t pay for shipping or insurance. In most cases, the seller will refund your money. This is the biggest and main con of Aliexpress.

There’s more makeup on the way, and when it’s here, I’m going to post a haul and review on that, so stay tuned!

Hope you enjoyed this article. have you ever shopped from Aliexpress? What would you like to buy? I’d love to know!



16 thoughts on “My Aliexpress Makeup Collection!

  1. Hello dear omg the haul is super cool.
    I want to buy from aliexpress too. Can you just kindly tell me did you use debit cards ?? I am bit not confortable to use credit cards there as I dont even own one right now. Please kindly reply if you can I am seeing a lot of posts that debit cards dont work there. I am very afraid and confused.


  2. I shop aliexpress alot. Im addicted but always worried I will receive the wrong product or color . I have received a broken peice of jewelry with not so good results so far but have had good experience with other sellers when I didnt receive my order. Each seller is different usually they are very polite and dont want a bad reveiw posted on there store page. Mostly jewelry so far but Im just getting into the make up very skeptical. Ordered some dermacol but not ata very discounted price so im not too worried about that its a few other things im worried about…..I guess theonly ay to tell is to take a chance!


    1. Hey!
      It’s definitely risky shopping from Aliexpress because you never know how the quality will be, considering everything on there is so affordable. I always make sure to check multiple feedback sections of products before I order them, especially with pictures posted by customers and seller feedback as well.
      Sometimes it’s best to order stuff that has the highest reviews or orders!
      I hope you don’t give up and try again – you might find something you like!


    1. Hi! So the key is to not look for brand names because that’s illegal. Easiest thing to do is to just check the new arrivals in the makeup section, and check reviews. Also, look for “brand palette 2016” or “brand lipstick”, stuff like that. for example if you’re looking for the Anastasia Dipbrow, look for ” eyebrow pomade”. Just no brand names.


  3. hey i know this is old but nice haul, i have just ordered some makeup of alliexpress. did you have any reactions to there makeup? do you still use it ? 🙂


    1. Hi, thanks for reading! I very much use everything I’ve ordered so far that I’ve been happy with. especially some of my newer purchases like the ABH contour kit. I haven’t updated my blog in ages, I will be posting some reviews soon 🙂 Folloe and keep an eye out for those!


  4. I’ve bought several items from Aliexpress and always gotten excellent service. I’m considering makeup though urban decay, kylie jenner etc – but someone posted that their kylie Jenner lipsticks may contain toxic ingredients, so I’m rather paranoid. Has anyone ever had a bad reaction to their makeup items??


    1. that’s cool! I’ve collected so many more since this post. Ive never heard of anyone having any adverse reaction to makeup from there… to be honest a lot of makeup brands manufacture their stuff in China, and I doubt there is much of a difference in quality whether you buy from a drugstore brand or a replica from Ali. Certain high end brands do use better quality/premium ingredients but a lot of it has to do with branding and the stigma that fakes are worse than originals!
      Do make a review and let me know I’d love to see 🙂


  5. Aliexpress products were tested and found to have urine, rat feces, and toxic chemicals. A Google search will show many articles.


  6. It is wrong of you to remove my comments. What I posted are facts about a dangerous company. You shouldn’t promote them without also making them aware of the dangers. Just because you got lucky and didn’t break out means nothing. Others did and you don’t know what’s in the products.


    1. My comments are moderated, I approved all your comments now. I’ll read those articles. I’m not asking anyone to go and buy products without them doing their research, that’s common sense. I know I always do. I think it is common knowledge that if you’re buying replicas from China it’s not gonna be top quality but so far I haven’t faced a single issue. I try avoiding things like skin makeup and skincare (foundations, etc) and it’s been a couple of years. Whoever purchases from there will buy it at their own risk. There is plenty of information on the internet anyway if anyone is interested to learn. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. You didn’t break out, many others did. Scientists have tested their products. How could you promote them to your readers without making them aware of the risks?


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