[AliExpress] MeNow Powdery Matte KISS PROOF Soft lipsticks – REVIEW & SWATCHES!

The true talent of a makeup hoarder isn’t actually gathering makeup, but it’s justifying each and every purchase and telling yourself that you definitely need that particular lipstick, when you actually have ten others from the same shade family lying in your vanity.

I wouldn’t say I’m that bad, but I feel like I’m getting there. On that note, I’d like to show you my recent purchase from Aliexpress. These took a month to arrive, and I’m not sure if it was truly worth the wait or not. I’m afraid this review isn’t going to be too positive, because this product has a lot of problems.


According to the packaging, these are the MeNow ‘Powdery Matte KISS PROOF Soft lipsticks’. MeNow is the same Chinese company that made the liquid lipsticks I’ve reviewed previously. The packaging reminds me a lot of the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, you can kind of see where they got their inspiration from. I quite like the packaging, actually. It’s a sleek chubby pencil with a matte finish cap and a lacquered body.


On the body, here’s the claim – “This liquid lipstick instantly lifts and hydrates lips. Gives rich, creamy, long wearing color.” That’s really funny, because this isn’t a liquid lipstick! Clearly they haven’t bothered revising their copy and probably just used the same description as the liquid lipsticks. Sad.


As for the actual lipsticks, they come in a non twist-up format, which means these need sharpening. I hate sharpening lip pencils because you end up wasting SO much product, but surprisingly with these, you barely waste any. These sharpen effortlessly with the sharpener they came with. The orange one broke on arrival so I had to sharpen it and it was very smooth.


Formula-wise, I expected these to glide on smoothly and then set to a powder matte finish, which only a couple of them did. The application is a bit of a struggle for all except the pink and red, because unless you have ultra dry lips (or hands) these won’t swatch smoothly. They drag and skip and it’s not pretty. The finish once on the lips is very very dry, indeed powdery. If you have flaky or dry lips, you’ll definitely need to exfoliate them before putting the lipstick on or it’s going to highlight all the dry spots. Do they last long?


I applied the pink one (The best in terms of application among the lot) and it last me a good four hours, including eating. There was fading/crumbling around the centre of my mouth which was expected as these are so dry, they literally crumble off your lips like powder. The darker shades apply better than the lighter shades. They’re smoother and don’t skip as much.

Me wearing 011, my favourite one of the lot!

Pros? The shades are gorgeous, and they have a lot to choose from. I ordered six (I gave one to a friend) and the transaction cost me approximately USD $9 which is around INR 590. For six lipsticks and a free sharpener? I’ll take it. The link to the product is here.

They’ve done an okay job trying to dupe NARS but clearly they have a lot to improve upon. If you get these, don’t use lip-balm and make sure your lips are exfoliated thoroughly.

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