Review & Swatches – Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit


So… it’s been like six months. I did it again. I’m sorry. I have no excuses this time. But I’m back with a new post, aren’t I?

I’m finally reviewing one of the most popular items of 2015 (albeit it is 2016), the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit! I’ve been using this regularly for about two months now, so I can very thoroughly give you my opinions on this.


So there’s a reason why this contour kit has reached cult status. I’ll tell you why – the powders are incredibly soft, finely milled, very blendable and long-lasting. Everything you want in a powder contour.

It comes in three colours, Light to Medium, Medium to Tan and Deep. I have the Light to Medium, which I initially thought might be too light for me, but for a very natural contour, it’s just about right. If you were even a little lighter than me though, I’d suggest getting the Medium to Tan contour kit.


As for the packaging, it’s pretty fuss free. Comes in a small cardboard case, with a lightweight box on the inside, again made with cardboard. There’s no mirror, which is alright because I think this was intended to be part of a professional MUA kit. I’m okay with this. It shuts magnetically and there’s no fear of the powders breaking or spilling. The best part is that all six powder pans are refills! You can pop them in and out very easily and if you run out of one, you can just buy the refills online.


Going over the shades, we have three highlight powders and three contouring/bronzing powders.

According to Anastasia Beverly Hills on the Sephora website, they’re described as -Vanilla, (pale cream), Banana (pale yellow), Sand (radiant chiffon), Java (mocha), Fawn (tawny), and Havana (warm russet).

IMG-20160607-WA0028My main complaint is that two out of three of these powders are very red toned, making them great for bronzing but not for contouring. So the only contour colour you’re getting is the one in Fawn.

The texture of these is amazing. Smooth, buttery, not overly pigmented (which is actually something you want in a contour/highlight powder product unless you want to look like a clown) and very long wearing. Banana and Vanilla are excellent to set under your eyes, chin and the center of your face. Sand is a very very pale highlight shade for my skin tone but I do use it as a brow bone and inner corner highlight. Java and Havana are both beautiful bronzing colours.


Overall, I’m super happy with these and once I run out, I’m definitely getting another one. This time I think I’ll pick up the Medium to Tan as it’s much more versatile for Indian skin tones.

Here’s a recent look I did using Banana to set my highlight and a mix of Fawn and Java for contouring.


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit retails for $40 and can be found online.

Did you like this review? Please comment and follow my blog! I promise I’m going to be posting regularly from now on.



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