7 Makeup shopping sites you need to know (especially if you live in India)

My list of best websites to buy makeup/skincare, with great shipping options. Please like and share this post with fellow makeup junkies!


My summer essentials + tips for making your makeup last longer

My favourite beauty products for summer + tips for sweatproof makeup!

Sup brow?

Guys, please. Don’t neglect your brows! Your eyebrows are what frame your face, and you have full control in changing their shape and therefore changing your look completely. A rounded, slightly bushier brow gives you that innocent girl-next-door look, while a sharp arch at the tail and some slight structure at the base has you looking sexy and fierce.


It’s been ages since I’ve blogged, so please forgive me if my language is a bit rusty. HI! I’m Adhishree, a 20something year old fashion student (graduating soon, hurray) from Bombay, India. After months of contemplating, here we are. My very own makeup blog. With a few glimpses of my music picks, everyday life, and… Continue reading Hello!