Review & Swatches – Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Hi! So… it’s been like six months. I did it again. I’m sorry. I have no excuses this time. But I’m back with a new post, aren’t I? I’m finally reviewing one of the most popular items of 2015 (albeit it is 2016), the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit! Advertisements

Review & Swatches – Maybelline Diamond Glow by EyeStudio [02 Coral Drama]

If there’s been one quad I’ve been reaching out for whenever I just wanted to look put together without making much of an effort, it’s this. This was generously given to me by my friend Anaum and I love it! It’s the UK edition of the Maybelline Diamond Glow by EyeStudio in the shade 02… Continue reading Review & Swatches – Maybelline Diamond Glow by EyeStudio [02 Coral Drama]

[AliExpress] MeNow Powdery Matte KISS PROOF Soft lipsticks – REVIEW & SWATCHES!

Finally got these in the mail! My honest review (plus swatches and product pics) of the new MeNow Powdery Matte lipsticks.

Review&Swatches : MeNow (Aliexpress/Ebay) Liquid Lipsticks

I’m so excited to share these products with you guys because I really feel like more people need to know about these. With the recent liquid lipstick craze, brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Colored Raine, Dose of Colors, Jeffree Star and so many more have jumped onto the bandwagon with their own unique formulas. Let’s… Continue reading Review&Swatches : MeNow (Aliexpress/Ebay) Liquid Lipsticks

5 Awesome Makeup DIYs on the go

I think it’s safe to say that I live and breathe makeup. But when you’re living on a budget, it can be quite difficult you get your hands on every single product on your wish list, and we probably all have one. Thankfully, makeup is versatile and multipurpose. Who hasn’t used their mum’s lipstick as a blush and eyeshadow while playing dress-up? I know I have. Here’s a short list of DIYs that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

What’s in my Makeup Bag? (Makeup on the go)

I’m kinda nosy. I always like to peek into others’ bags to see what kind of makeup and accessories they carry with them, it gives me an idea of their makeup style and can be quite inspiring (Oh hey, I need that colour in my life) so I’m writing a ‘What’s in my Makeup Bag’ post today for… Continue reading What’s in my Makeup Bag? (Makeup on the go)

How I do my Brows

If I haven’t mentioned this enough already, I take my eyebrows really seriously. I’ve had a lot of friends ask me how I fill them in. So here’s a frame by frame tutorial.