Tips I’ve learned to keep your makeup looking natural

I don’t exactly remember when I got into makeup, but I’m sure everybody else relates to this when I say it wasn’t always a breeze to not look full blown cake-face. Over the years, Advertisements

Review&Swatches : MeNow (Aliexpress/Ebay) Liquid Lipsticks

I’m so excited to share these products with you guys because I really feel like more people need to know about these. With the recent liquid lipstick craze, brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Colored Raine, Dose of Colors, Jeffree Star and so many more have jumped onto the bandwagon with their own unique formulas. Let’s… Continue reading Review&Swatches : MeNow (Aliexpress/Ebay) Liquid Lipsticks

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Product review on the Miss Claire Longlasting Matte Lipsticks!

7 Makeup shopping sites you need to know (especially if you live in India)

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My summer essentials + tips for making your makeup last longer

My favourite beauty products for summer + tips for sweatproof makeup!

Sup brow?

Guys, please. Don’t neglect your brows! Your eyebrows are what frame your face, and you have full control in changing their shape and therefore changing your look completely. A rounded, slightly bushier brow gives you that innocent girl-next-door look, while a sharp arch at the tail and some slight structure at the base has you looking sexy and fierce.